Warranty Claim Procedures

For OrangeLine Trailers to be able to honor the trailer warranty the following criteria should be followed. Warranty work can only be authorized by the corporate offices warranty department. You must print off the “Warranty Request Form” and mail it to the address provided below. In order to make a claim under our warranty policy:

  • You must have registered you must complete the warranty registration online, no later than thirty (30) days following the purchase of your OrangeLine trailer. IF THIS WARRANTY IS NOT COMPLETED BY THE THIRTIETH DAY AFTER PURCHASE OF THE TRAILER, ALL EXPRESS WARRANTIES CONTAINED IN THIS LIMITED WARRANTY SHALL BE NULL AND VOID EXCEPT AS PROHIBITED BY LAW.
  • You must be the original owner of the trailer (Trailer warranties are non-transferable)
  • Within five (5) days after discovering a problem with your OrangeLine trailer, you must carry your trailer to one of our stores/dealers for inspection.
  • The trailer must have been used and maintained in accordance with good industry practice and the recommendations of OrangeLine Trailers included in your Owners Safety and Tire Manual.
  • Please be sure to read OrangeLine Limited Warranty & Warranty Claim Procedure before submitting a claim.